A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created as part of the GameDevWeek 2022.1.

In your last life you were a feared supervillain, but now you got reincarnated as a ... gooey disease ball. Use your abilities to roll and shoot yourself to infect people to start your reign of chaos once again.


Keyboard & Mouse
MoveWASDLeft Stick
CameraMouseRight Stick
ChargeHOLD Left Mouse Button
HOLD Right Trigger
LaunchRELEASE Left Mouse Button
RELEASE Right Trigger
Boost Down

André Linnepe - Sound Design
Jan Meissner - Programming, Tech Art, Game Design
Juliane Heinrich - UI, 2D Art
Matthias Angst
 - Programming, 3D Art, Game Design
Ossama Mansour - 3D Art, Cover Art
Sebastian Pan Rollmann - 3D Art
Tobias Schmidt
- Programming, Level Design

Install instructions

Unzip the game and start with the Infectiball.exe


Infectiball.zip 103 MB


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Das Spiel war wirklich eine originelle Idee, hat mir gut gefallen, als ich es ausprobiert habe.

Habe auch eine Aufnahme davon gemacht, wie ich es onstream gespielt habe:

Infectiball - GDW-Trier! - Twitch